* Breed Jack Russel Terrier
* Date of death 25 December 2011
* Age at death 2 ½ years old
* Acquired from Narre Warren South 30/7/2009
* Length of time with you : 2 Years 3 months
* Paul Duffy
* Cranbourne East

Bonnie was the sweetest dog ever. She would come to the shops with me and while I was shopping she would sit in the drivers seat till I returned. When I went to bed all I would have to say to her was “Bonnie bed” and she would rush to my bed, wait until I hopped in, then jump in give me a lick behind the ears. She would then snuggle up under the doona and wouldn’t move until I did.

She just loved that and watching TV on my lap.

She was my baby, RIP bonnie… you will not be forgotton.