Chief was a pedigree Rotty,we had him put to sleep on the 8th Nov 2010, he was 13, I was told by a friend about Rotty pups and went to have a look, I bought him for a $110.00. I brought him home when he was 2 months old and has been with me ever since. His last resting place is in 23 Solomon Tce, Morawa,W.A.
Fiona Sewell

R.I.P. Chief 24 – 4- 1997 to 8-11-2010

Now here we have Chief
The youngest of eight
Born with no tail
He was dead at any rate

Then along came me
Just to have a look
It was then you took my heart
With that real stupid look

So I brought you home
To see how you would go
The cat beat the crap out of you
But you never had a go

So it was then that you changed my life
With your Pleases and Thankyou’s
We had lots of great times mate
And you Fathered thirty eight

So here we are at the end
12 years and 7 months later
A life in big demand
A heart left shattered
That will never mend

Until we meet again….