Here is a photo of little Chloe, taken only a few weeks before her death, which was 19th October, 2011.

I first saw her at Keysborough Animal Shelter, approx 11years ago. A sad eyed, very thin little dog, that had 4 deliberately broken little legs, that had self healed, very crooked. When she was transferred to The Lost Dogs home, I was told she is approx 5years old, a silky terrier X and female, but her crooked little legs will probably need operations in due time, as she will get pain. I was informed this will be very costly, and when I asked approximately how costly, I did hesitate, but I couldn’t forget her little face, so took the chance.

I have had 11 wonderful years, and only lately noticed she had some pain on occasions. She never had those operations.
The day she arrived, she demanded to be the boss, and put my other little four in their places, and they let her! She always jumped the highest, ran the fastest, and to the end, took me for a walk.

In 10years, all 5 have now gone. I have loved all equally, but losing Chloe has been the hardest, because she was the only one since my other little Chloe died Christmas Eve, 2009. She also was from the Lost Dogs Home and a little terrier X. Not adopted by me, but sadly by someone, who later didn’t want her either.

I thank The Lost Dogs Home for both these little angels who I consider the greatest gifts ever. Nothing compares to the love they gave me.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.

Sabina Holbrook