* Date of death: 1 April 2010

* Age at death: 17 years, 2 ½months

* Length of time with you: just under 17 years (17 January 1993)

* Your Name: Anna and Antonella Aucello

* Your general locality address: Kensington, Victoria

* Epitaph:
Famous, you were a beautiful and special companion, full of affection. In April you sadly succumbed to kidney disease, aged 17. You came a long way from the shy kitten that hid behind the large plant pot upon stepping foot in your new home. Over the years, you went on to rule the house and charm everyone.

You’ve left us with many pleasant memories: we’ll always remember your glossy black coat, enchanting green eyes, your constant chatter and mad moments!, the cheeky cat who’d creep into the bed on freezing nights then delicately punch me in the nose to wake me up and who’d demand her share of peas, yoghurt, corn chips and cinnamon cakes.


Famous, you will be cherished forever as a very special friend. Love you forever, Antonella, Anna and your friends, especially crazy cat Spazzy.