10 years lived and loved

He blessed us by joining our lives.

He gave us companionship and unconditional love.

His gentle and calm nature will always be treasured.

Acceptance, love and tolerance of children was endearing.

He loved to play, run, walk, swim and get tummy rubs.
Balls, sicks and cats were his diversionary passion, next to his family.

The very best of Dogs.

A huge part of our family pack, whom never judged and always loved.

A divine spirit sent to us to learn the truth of love, and in the quiet moments we take, his spirit will always be there to nurture, guide and give the warmth and love he represented.

The very best of Dogs.

Sleep well our big furry bear, we will love and cherish your spirit forever.

Jasper Jansz – Born Aug 1999…..Passed: 26thOct 2009.

Loved by… Jason Mardi Finley Shayla Kevin Lauris…
and all whom were touched by him.