Breed: Jack Russell
Date of death: 7th of April, 2012
Age: 14 and 11 months
Family: Alison, Craig, Shane, Sheridan, Shenae, Clay, Rusty and Tuppy (Jessie’s offspring) of Berwick, VIC

With us for almost 15 years, Jessie was a feisty, beautiful little girl who loved hunting mice, walkies, cuddling on beds and a good pat.

Sadly Dementia/Alzheimer’s set in several months ago, and my once happy, energetic dog lost a lot. I’ll always remember the times her memory would shine through and she’d lick my foot, to let me know she remembered.

My little ‘Miffy’, was put to rest after a hard battle. You were a member of the family, much loved and cherished. I shall never forget you.

I love you, Jessie. Forever.