Max was a Ridgeback X German Shepherd who died on 08-01-2007 aged 12. He was acquired from The Lost Dogs’ Home (North Melbourne) on 10 February 1995 aged 8 weeks old.

It was by pure chance that we crossed paths 12 years ago. You were only tiny, but that didn’t stop you climbing over all the other puppies to say hello. Our destiny was certain.

I am thankful for every moment we spent together. You are our protector, brother and teacher. You managed to survive malicious poisonings, cane toads, snakes and burglars. You are invincible. You even battled cancer until you couldn’t stand. I cannot believe your strength. Even in your final minutes with the vet I had to try and refrain you from taking a chunk out of her arm.

Everything in your life was for us, your pack.

I promise I will see you again.

Love always.
Luke (Brisbane, Qld)