Edward Terrance Bishop & Millicent Claire Bishop

Edward Terrance Bishop

February 15 1995 – January 19 2010

Edward is a Staffordshire bull terrier. His mother ‘Victoria’ belonged to a friend of ours. Edward joined our family when he was just three days old after his mother unfortunately died from internal bleeding following a caesarean. Edward was so small when we got him, we would wrap him in a face cloth, when we fed him his bottle.

When we moved from NZ to Australia in 2002, of course Edward relocated with us. We had our darling Edward in our lives, one month short of fifteen years. We made the heartbreaking decision for Edwards Arthritic days to end, after he had a massive seizure one day that robbed him of what little eyesight he had left and also left him with some neurological deficits.

We love and miss you every day our beautiful boy xxx

Millicent Claire Bishop

April 21 2008 – December 22 2012

Millie is a Kelpie X. Millie became a member of our family on June 21 2008. She was a water-baby right from the start. She loved to splash her feet in the water and then chase the water. She could spend hours fetching anything…balls, sticks, couch cushions, socks etc. You never quite knew what she would drop in your lap when you least expected it. We never suspected in a million years we would have Millie such a short time. When she got sick we expected to take her to the vet and she would be back to her normal hypo-self again in a few days. But a massive tumour in her chest robbed us of that.

We love and miss you every day our beautiful, good girl xxx

Millie & Edward