Millie Mae

Millie Mae

Millie Mae – 3/8/97 – 25/11/07

I got my Millie Mae as a wee tiny puppy. She was born on the 8th March, 1997 and had the most adorable eyes you have ever seen.

A smooth coated red Chow Chow, she was my love and my life. My best friend and my family. She was intelligent and brave. She could almost talk.

She saved my life on at least three occasions. Please forgive me Millie that I could not do the same for you my darling. I’ll never forget your screams of pain as you lay dying in the car as I tried to get you to the vet in time…but I was too late my love. You were cruelly taken away from me, before your time, and now I just don’t know how to cope without you being there.

I look at your photo every day and I don’t know how to stop the tears, my love. I wish you were here. I love you my Millie darling and I always will. I truly hope there is a Rainbow Bridge so we will never be separated again.

‘Arnie’ misses you too Millie – he wouldn’t eat until recently and just follows me around quietly. He puts his paw on my foot and says, “I miss her, mum.” I tell him I know as we sit together and cry.