Mitch was a beautiful and very friendly german shepherd cross. He lived
for many years in Kinglake – roaming around the 5 acres with his sister
LuLu (who passed away this year at 16 yrs).

Mitch was born on Valentine’s day 14/2/1991 and died on 7/10/2007 –
making him 16 1/2 years old. Mitch spent many years working in Aged
Care Home as a Pet Therapy dog and was loved by all for his kind
and generous nature. He did not like to swim and only went swimming
when he was 6 years of age!!

He loved his food and riding in the car – he was my dearest friend and I
cared and loved him dearly – in the later years he suffered badly with
Cushings Disease and I used to carry him out each day to go for his little
walks – he struggled with small steps – ballerina steps my dad called them.
But he loved being outside each day – it was the hardest thing I ever
had to do – but Mitch had a very large tumour growing and he never let
on or complained.

He passed away on sunday afternoon 7/10/2007 being cuddled and
held all night as he could no longer stand up.

I miss you dearly and with all my heart – you were faithful, loyal,
loving and special and I am proud that I could be there to the very end
with you – bless your little soul, Mitch you are with Lulu now and I
miss you both very much.

I am so proud and honoured to have known such devotion – you
were there for me in my terrible times of hurt and abandonment. you
will never be forgotten my little furry friends.

Love and hugs ROSE.