Rene, Molly, Liana, Kentucky, Charlotte

Rene – Rhode Island Red – 5 years old
Molly – Silver Laced Wyandotte – 6 years old
Liana – Langshan – 1 year old
Kentucky – Bantam Rhode Island Red – 4 year old
Charlotte – Crossbreed – 3 years old

Died July 2004

My name is Dianne and live in the Northern Rivers. We moved last year in June to our current residence, very much looking forward to the existing larger accomodation for my lovely chooks. It was 2 weeks after the move, when I went down to feed them, they had been taken by foxes. I was shocked and very sad for some time to come. They were lovely pets, and the kids had grown up with them. Each had a different personality, and I never knew I would miss them so much. They brought much joy and lots of laughs to our family. Thank you girls.