Can I stay with my pet when he is being euthanised

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY. And it is encouraged if you think you’re able to cope.

Euthanasia of a beloved pet may be one of the hardest decisions we ever have to make. Some people will ‘just know’ when its time to have their animal put to sleep and others may need advise from their veterinarian.

Once the decision has been made that it is time to have your animal put to sleep the next decision to make is whether or not you will stay with him during the euthanasia. When an owner is present during the euthanasia, a peaceful death is witnessed. Compassionate vets will explain the process and will consider the comfort of the owner and the pet, and will allow you to grieve and spend some time with the animal after he has passed away.

For that animal that has been in our life for 6 months, 6 years or 16 years many people feel as though they owe it to the animal to be by his side while he passes. For some, witnessing the euthanasia will be the beginning of the grieving process but for others witnessing the death of the animal may be too much to cope with.

Before deciding if you’re ready to stay with the animal when it is euthanaised or if the child should stay it is important to get all the facts, talk to your vet first, have them explain what will happen. Once your decision has been made, respect it. Once your child’s decision has been made, respect that too.