Suzie & Towbar

Towbar, an Australian Silky, was my best friend for 15 years. We bought him as a stray at 18 months old. I was going to University at the time and my husband and Towbar would meet me at the railway station every night. He was a funny dog, grey haired and almost always looking messy. I spent a fortune on shampoos and conditioners but he always looked like the little stray that charmed his way into our lives. He was comical, with a larger than life personality and a heart of gold. After a couple of years we decided to find a companion for Towbar. Suzie, a boisterous tan Australian terrier, was the ideal match for our little man. They went everywhere with us, from Mount Tambourine in Queensland to Phillip Island in Victoria. Yet their favorite place in the whole world was Ripley Park in Balliang, where they spent several holidays.

When Suzie died last year, it was a total shock for all of us, especially poor Towbar. Six months passed, and finally we couldn’t take the sadness any longer and acquired Buddy, a male Australian Silky and a comfort for Towbar. Last Christmas was really special with the two pals having a good time at my sister’s house in Echuca. However, it was not to last. In April, Towbar suffered fits and died. He was buried alongside his great love, Suzie.

We are now in the process of having Towbar and Suzie’s names created in mosaic with a rainbow background, because after Suzie died I read Rainbow Bridge. That same day we were driving along the road and saw the most beautiful rainbow.

I miss you, Towbar, and I always will; but at least I know that you and Suzie are together again, young and without pain and playing in the bright warm sunshine.

Love Christine
And Mike and Buddy Fitchett..