Tranzam passed away in her sleep at the age of 17, August 2012. Acquired from Langford Western Australia, Tranzam was much loved by all since she walked in the door as a kitten at 2 months of age.

She has been through it all, marriages, children, dogs, other cats, rabbits, rats, fish, and never complained. She was aloof, definitely the queen of her domain, but loyal and simply loved to be in your presence.

She wasn’t a cuddly cat, but did love a good scratch behind her shoulder blades. She will be missed by all she has touched along her way. Enjoy your rest after that long fight this winter my lady. I only wish you had waited until I returned home from my business trip before you moved on…

Love always, Sandz, Matt, Chelz, Kyle, Harmony, Shayde, Cleo and Miloh.

You will never be forgotten.