Zoe & Zack

Zoe: Border Collie, My gorgeous girl. Died aged 11, 2009 Due to severe arthritis. We had you since you were 8 weeks old. You went everywhere with me. it is still so painful when i look at a picture of you.

Zack: Terrier X: My baby boy. We bought you from the RSPCA when you were just a cute pup. Died aged 10, 2009. You and Zoe were great mates. When Zoe left us, you were never the same. That smile had seemed to fade. When it was time to say goodbye because of your back pain, i had comfort in knowing you would be at peace and with your friend.

I love you both so much and i had the happiest years with you both in my life.

Natasha Dixon
Hastings Victoria