Passed away 2/8/10
15 years old
My mum got her for me for my birthday when I was 6 years old.
15 years old

Sadly Bella was put to sleep on the 02/08/10. Bella was a much loved
member of our family. She brought us so much love & joy to all of our
lives and to anyone who got to meet her. Bella was such a strong dog to
overcome breast cancer however sadly cancer got the better of her 🙁


I will never ever ever forget Bella. She was given to me on my 6th
birthday as a suprise from my mum. Bella loved stealing everyones shoes
and sleeping with them. Bella cared so much for me and touched my life so
much. Growing up I would cry on her shoulder and she would lick away my
tears. She was my best mate and I’m just so devasted that she has been
taken away from me. I love you so much Bella and I cant wait till we meet