I’m Emma from Tasmania and I lost Cevannah my pure bred German Shepherd on the 13th of November 2010 at the age of 6.Where do I start. I was 16-17 when I found a newspaper clipping of a guy who had German Shepherd pups for sale, Cevannah was the only one left by the time I enquired about the pups and she was the runt.

At the same time i had just got into a relationship with a guy, the guy started to physically abuse me really really bad. To cut a long sad story short, deep down even though I’m grieving still, I know that Cevannah was sent to me to help get me out of a bad situation and help me through my bad patch that I was having to deal with. She was always there to talk to when ever I felt down, she cuddled me all the time and even though she grew really big she still thought she could sit on my knee, at one point she even weighed more than me.


I used to spoon feed home-made stews to her. She was very very well behaved and obedient, protective, loyal, never judgemental, kind and shown me unconditional love. She was my best friend, for once in my life i actually felt and seen what the best friend trait was all about.

I am an adult and know what death is but yet every night I ask myself how do i get her back? I no I never can, but its better to love and be loved, its better to love and lose than never have loved at all. The day she died I travelled 8 hours to get her cremated, it has helped me deal with her death a little better. When Cevannah was 2 I got her name tattooed on me, She was the best thing that ever happened to me and I