Breed: Pale ginger moggy cat
Type of animal or species (if neither of the above)
Date of death: November 2010
Age at death: 11 months
Where and when acquired: Street kitty picked up to take to our loving
home to be cared for.
Name of:- Animal Shelter, Breeder , Pet Shop, Friend, Other: N/A
Length of time with you: Since January 1st 2010
Your Name: Jessica Vickers
Your general locality address (e.g. Brunswick/ Horsham/ plus State or
Territory): Kelso NSW

Our daughter Anastasia’s beloved Twilight, the pale ginger moggy cat.
Passed away in November 2010 after letting herself out the kitchen
window early one morning, possibly struck down by a car or snake.

With us since January 1st 2010 after being picked up as a wandering street
kitty at the age of around 2 months. Friend/enemy of Marcus and Emma.
Furry hot water bottle for us on cold winter nights. Sadly missed by
all who knew her.