I had a beautiful female dog and her name was Daisy, she passed away on the 31st of December, 2005 and she was 5 years old.

I remember when we first got her….We went to a lady who was selling Bichon Frises, I have never forgotten that day, it was the year 2000 and me, mum and dad were driving in the car, mum said we were just going to “visit” – instead I brought home my Daisy and she was only 6 weeks old.

Daisy was with me and my family for nearly 6 years and she was a much loved member of the family.
To me she was like a sister. Whenever I was feeling down she would be the one I would turn to, to you it may sound silly but for me well it seemed like the perfect thing to do, she was the most calm and gentle dog you could ever imagine.

I just want my Daisy to know that she will never be forgotten and that there will always be a place in my heart for her, no dog could ever compare to her.

I love you Daisy.

– Cassandra