Domestic short-haired tuxedo cat

31/10/1998 to 11/09/2013

Purchased at a pet store in the Newcastle region, NSW


Eric and Michelle

Hallett Cove, SA


On the 11th of September 2013, our dear friend Frodo fell asleep in my arms for the last time, approximately 6 weeks shy of his 15th birthday.

My husband acquired him as a young kitten (exact age was never known) and they were together through 12 houses and 3 states – I met him 11 years ago and we were best friends from day 1.

After experiencing poor health for the past 6 months, he was diagnosed with end-stage intestinal lymphoma, and unfortunately had to be put to sleep by our local vet.

He was always good natured and never got cross, even in his final hours, despite his sickness.

He leaves behind his brothers Sam, nearly 8 yrs, and Zorro, 9 months, who along with us, miss him like crazy.

He was the heart and soul of our family, and will forever leave a hole that will never be filled.

Now reunited with his brother Chester (passed 8 yrs ago), free of drugs, pain and prescription food, forever bathed in sunshine.

Rest in peace old friend