Jacqui Lee

Our faithful friend
Name: Jacqui Lee
Breed: Jack Russell Cross
DOB: 18/08/1992 (approx.)
Age at Death: 12 yrs, 10 mths
When & Where acquired: Mum, Heather, found her in a plastic bag under a bush in a local park.
Length of time with us: 12 yrs, 8 mths approx.
Our names: Mum – Heather, Dad – Eddie and Melissa (Jacqui’s human sister).
General Locality: Werribee, Victoria.

Our Jacqui Lee; laid to rest on 3rd June 2005. Our beloved pet, friend and mate. Your start in life was very tough, Mum found you abandoned in a plastic bag at a local park, left for dead at only 6 weeks old. After much love and care you survived and eventully at nearly 6 years old you got your only obedience title. Your love and loyalty were your two greatest qualities and you lived for your family.

When you were 10 years old we purchased another Dog, so that when your time was up, we would still have a friend, even though it wasn’t you. Your new mate “Oakie” our Australian Cattle Dog was with you for almost 2 years and he loved you too. He seemed to give you an added zest for life. The last 3 weeks of your life you lost that zest and we knew the time had come to say farewell. Thanks for all the good times, love and fun we had together.

Love from your humans – Mum, Dad & Melissa.