Jessie & Emma

We had Jessie, our bull terrier, for 12 years and Emma, our Maltese for 13. They passed within 6 months of each other and it hurt like crazy. Jessie got dropped off at the vet one morning as she was a little unwell. The vet told us to return at lunchtime and pick her up. Approximately 11.45 am we received a call saying that they had lost her. She died of a massive heart attack. Our biggest regret is that we weren’t there with her. She died with strangers. Emma passed 5 months later. She started having seizures, due to a heart condition. One morning she wasn’t well so my husband stayed in bed with her. He took the day off because she was unwell. She went downhill pretty quickly. My husband was nursing her and she started having seizure after seizure. She then died in his arms. It was heartbreaking. They were both cremated and now sit on my angel cupboard under angels. We both miss them (I am crying as I am writing this). Even though we have new babies, there is a huge void.

Love and miss you Jessie and Emma.
Susan A. Kelly