British Short Hair Cat, LEROY  – 14/04/07 to 18/04/09

Suddenly passed away on 18th August, 2009 at the young age of 2 years and 4 months

Bought on August 4th 2007 from British Short hair breeder in Melbourne.

Leroy we will miss you forever. You were our beautiful boy. I can still see your beautiful big eyes and feel the softness of your fur. Your gentle purr still touches my ears. There are balls of foil under the couch waiting to be played with. The kids miss you walking them to school, and racing them to the park. I wish you were sitting on the rug with me, your paw on my hand.

We still had lots to do together. You left us too soon. We will love you

Rest in peace my baby boy.

Your Family : Maria, Nick, Paris, Theo, and Poppi


– Leroy –