Miloh joined our family in 2007 as a small golden cocker spaniel pup.
She helped us deal with the loss of our 18 year old Kelpie .

Miloh was a beautiful, fun loving and adorable pup who simply lived to be around us and be loved.
In 2014 Miloh ( aged 7) was diagnosed with a brain tumor ( which originally was thought to be a bad ear infection) Over the next six or so weeks she fought this disease as it tried to take her from us. She finally succumbed to it on Saturday the 11th of October at 12pm. Passing away in my arms at home .

She never let it destroy her love of her family or her life with us and spent the Friday before she died, out in the sunshine with her sister ( cleo the jack russel) playing and chasing butterflies.

Sleep well my princess, I know you wanted to stay, but it was time to let the pain go and cross the rainbow. You fought hard and we cherish every moment you were with us.. We will miss your morning cuddles and kisses, your scamper through the house on the floor boards and your interest in everything we did or enjoyed. There is an emptiness now in our home but you are always in our hearts.

Love Sandy Matt Kyle and Chelsea.



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