Mr Peabody

Mr Peabody

I would like to have a dedication to my cat, Mr Peabody. I am a
member of PAWS (monthly donator) and have wanted to have something
dedicated to him for some time.

I bought Mr Peabody from Pets Paradise on a whim having never,
personally, owned a cat before – I lived in an apartment and, being a
dog person, could not have a dog in such a confined space so decided
on a cat. He was underweight and very scared and so small but we
immediately became best friends and he turned me into an instant cat

He passed away on Christmas Eve 2007, after a short illness, aged 13years.

He loved to eat prawns and his favourite cheese was brie and we used
to sit up watching TV together eating many delicious things and slept
together every night. I miss him every single day (and night) and my
life will never be the same. Many tears are still shed over my
wonderful little grey moggie and I still see him sometimes in my
dreams when he visits me.

I have attached a photo taken @ 2yrs ago.

Thank you very much.