Nancy Campbell

Foxy x chihuahua
Passed away 22/8/2011
11 years young
with us 11 beautiful but too short years

Nancy, my heart is broken, my constant buddy and best friend is no longer at my side.I wake at night wishing you were still cuddled up to me in bed keeping both of us warm. You gave us all so much love,joy,laughter,and company, you were so intelligent it used to amaze us all.

Little Nancy with such a big heart and love for life, you enjoyed every minute of it, all our adventures and outings. You died in my arms, which was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but I’m so glad I got to be with you to say goodbye and love and squeeze you one last time, you are now no longer in pain, to hear you take your last breath was the minute I felt my heart break. Our house is not so much a home anymore it is empty and quiet without you by my side. I find myself glancing towards your favorite spots, on your bed  in the sun looking out the glass doors and watching the world go by, or waiting for you to run and greet me with your little smile that you gave every time I returned, but now they will just be my treasured memories.

To love something so much makes it so hard to let go, I hope you have now found your new spot in the sun and your watching over us. Thank you for your love, we will see you again in time.  You were loved by us
all, we will forever miss you. Be at peace my beautiful girl.

love Mum, Jase, Brett, Sue,Jen, Billie,Nan and Grandpa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx