Mitzi came into our lives at just 6 wks old and stayed with us faithfully for the next 15 yrs. She was so much an important part of our lives and having to say goodbye to her is and was heartbreaking.

Mitzi had the funniest little overbite and we will never forget the number of times we laughed when we did the ‘you dirty rat’ line and her top lip would fly up and expose her gum! She loved her walks, chicken, cuddles and just sharing our daily lives. She could hear the fridge door open from miles away! She was our constant shadow everywhere we went and always wanted to be included in everything. Mitzi had the most amazing character and anyone who came across her would instantly be taken by her. Unfortunately earlier this year she was attacked by another dog and she never fully recovered.

Mitzi’s ashes now sit in pride and place in our lounge room so she will never be far away. We will never forget our special little girl who brought us so much love and laughter for so long. Rest in peace our special girl.

Karen & Jim

Born 6 Jan 1991 – passed away 8 Sept 2006 aged 15 yrs & 8 mths