Piebies, our sweet pearl-pied cockatiel. You came to us from Bird World in
Mornington at 3 months of age in 1993 and were a wonderful part of our
family for 16 happy years. Remember when you laid all those eggs
continuously one year? More than 20, we thought you’d never stop and were so
worried you would expire with exhaustion! I miss giving you ‘scratchies’,
those little rump pats, you on my shoulder playing with my hair and tickling
my ear. Sorry we didn’t realise you had cancer until you had difficulty
flying and were near the end. I held you in my hands and you seemed quite
content while Dr Herbert at Lort Smith put you too sleep for the
x-rays, then into a deeper ‘sleep’ after finding the cancer.. you wouldn’t
wake. Good-bye until our spirits meet, ‘scatchies’, from Annie.