AKA: Bails, Bailsmiester

Golden Retriever
May 18, 2010 @ 3:45 PM
14 1/2 glorious years
Breeder in St. Albert, Alberta
14 1/4 years
Glenna Petherbridge
Edmonton, Alberta

He was the epitome of love, devotion & understanding. He will be missed almost more than can be put into words. He was my shadow, my friend. There was no other with a heart or love as big as this guy, he made friends both human & animal. His favorite thing was playing in the water, either fresh or ocean, and then flopping on the sand and giving a good roll and then a shake. He was devoted to our grandchildren of 15 & 12.

He passed quietly at home with my husband, daughter and myself. The vet came to our house and we were able to say goodbye to him with the dignity and love he deserved and earned. He will always be remembered and cherished, and I hope to see him in heaven and maybe we can play together again.