My dad rescued Sam after some one had dumped him in a car park at his work. Sam was a short haired pointer. He died on Saturday the 8th April. We had Sam for just over 11 years. He was probably about a year old when my dad found him. Sam had to be put down as he had cancer and it got to the stage where he wouldn’t even get up for his food, or to see the cats.

That weekend we all cried so many tears but that will never compare to the happiness, fun times and company he brought to our lives.

We also thank the Preston Veterinary clinic, for all their help and support during the years we had Sam.

We will never get over the loss of Sam, and always hold his memory and the happiness he brought to us in our hearts forever.

Good bye Sammy, we all love and miss you!

Love Tony, Lydia, Frida and Jasmin
Thomastown, Melbourne