* Breed of- Australian Terrier x Maltese

* Date of death 2 October 2009

* Age at death – 12

* Length of time with you – Whole life

* Your Name – Catherine Kay

* Tonimbuk, Victoria

Our darling Rebecca – Becky

We had you since the day you came into this world on 24th October 1997,
along with your 4 brother’s and sisters. You were the cutest of the lot!
So fluffy and huge ears!

You brought so much happiness to Mum’s life, especially when times were
tough. You were always so happy to see her and never left her side. She
misses you so much.

When you got sick, we never thought it would be the end, you were always
so healthy and happy.

That morning on the 2nd, when we knew your time had come, we could see
it in your eyes. Driving to the vet, having you look at me, I knew you
were saying thank you and goodbye.

That was the hardest day of my life so far, so I thought, but everyday
since has been just as hard to not have you here. Chloe and Jackie still
look for you if we say your name.

We miss you terribly and can’t wait til the day we meet again. Love you
darling girl xoxo

Cathy Kay