Stella ‘Bella’

Stella ‘Bella’ (Kelpie x Labrador) born 4.10.92, died 15.4.06 aged 13 1/2 years.

I was 5 years old when my mum heard a puppy crying under my dads car, and when she looked she found the same puppy teenage kids were beating up the day before. Stella didn’t trust many people but to those who she knew she was most loyal. She was with me as I grew and I was there when she did, whereever I was she was right there beside me, she was someone I could trust with my life, and she trusted me with her’s. Stella was put to sleep just past 1 o’clock on 15th of April 2006, she had been fighting cancer for the last 5 months of her life and she put up a great fight but I couldn’t watch her go through it anymore. Stella loved to run, she would run until the sun went down, she loved going to the park with her mates Bonnie and Sandi even one minute before she was put down she was still bounding around, but I knew and she knew it was time to go. I looked in her eyes before I rang the vet and they said ‘I want this, I need this, but in the end its up to you’. Stella you were the star that lit up the room, but now you are the angel that looks over us, may you rest in peace chicken, mumma loves you with all her heart. No words can ever express the love I feel for you, no one will ever know how much you mean to me.

Forever in our hearts Mumma, Grandma, Dad, Dave, James, your baby sisters Lily, Maggie, new baby sister Lola and of course Bonnie and Sandi.