Rosie I still remember seeing your photo on the local pound’s website and I couldn’t believe that a sweet old lady like you would find yourself at such a place at your age.

I thought for sure somebody would come and claim you, but you remained there for the 8 days and you were out of time.

Something in your photo touched me and I couldn’t bear the thought of you dying all alone, so I contacted my friend the ranger and instead of him taking you to the vet, he brought you to my house.

When Neil took you out of the van I was shocked at your poor condition. I knew from your photo that you were old, but I had no idea that you had been allowed to get in such bad condition.

Most of the hair on your back was missing, and I could tell from your toughened skin that your allergy had been allowed to continue untreated for years.

You constantly chewed and scratched yourself until you bled.

You had lost your spirit and I thought you might live for a month or two, but I was determined that you would be shown love and be comfortable for whatever time you had left.

Months passed quickly and you amazed us all with your improvement. Your hair was growing back and you gained weight.

It was funny because you never once showed any signs of aggression towards me, dad (my husband Mick) or the girls. But you hated everyone else and we had to warn all visitors to not touch you or you would bite!

Everyone who met you has told us that you knew that we saved you and you were protecting us to say thanks.

Time passed and it is now 2 1/2 years since you arrived.

Over the last few months we have noticed that you aren’t your usual self.

Sadly your body and mind are failing you more and more.

My heart broke as I made your final appointment with the vet.

But please know my sweet ‘ol Rosie that I don’t want to see you suffer anymore.

You will always live in our hearts.

Love you always you sweet old chook.

Mum, Dad, Caitlyn & Teagan