“Roxy” my gorgeous Rottweiler died 14th March 2008 aged 7.

Much loved family member and best mate to Paige. A gentle and loving soul who showed us love everyday.

Suffered hip dysplasia, had multiple operations on her legs and finally got cancer of the bones.

You loved to run and play, especially with your mates Zeus and Sally. I loved the way you used to creep in the house with such stealth, even opening up the rusty door with no one hearing then frightening the hell out of us.

No more pain where you are sweetheart. I will think about you everyday. One day we will be together again my darling.

Paige will miss feeding you sand, and you can finally run at ease and chase balls. I love you Rox. Goodbye for now.

Michelle Tinworth, Tullamarine, Victoria.